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What is BTC contract trading?
BTC contract trading can be understood as BTC futures trading, a BTC trading derivative launched by the BTC exchange, and also a spot hedging tool! The vast majority of users use the margin system of futures contracts, add 10 times or even 20 times leverage to leverage large funds, and then use index fluctuations to buy low and sell high trading contracts, thereby earning multiple profits. The emergence of contract transactions ended the previous history of Bitcoin being unable to be short, and opened the prelude to the development and prosperity of the Bitcoin derivative market.
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BTC Contract Exchange Selection
The Huobi contract trading platform is committed to creating secure, credible and efficient digital asset derivative transactions, and providing professional Bitcoin digital asset derivatives and financial services to global investors.
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Huobi exchange BTC contract transaction process:
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1. Register for Huobi Exchange: Register Huobi Exchange by mobile phone number or e-mail;
2. Buy BTC: buy BTC through bank card, credit card, etc .;
3. Account transfer: The BTC purchased is deposited in the "fiat currency account" in the personal account, and the BTC in the "fiat currency account" is transferred to the "contract account" before contract transactions can be performed.
4. Short and long: BTC transferred to the contract account can carry out short and long transactions. If the judgment is correct, you can make money in BTC ups and downs.
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BTC contract trading risk tips:

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Because BTC contracts carry multiple leveraged transactions through margin, it also brings high risks. If the margin is insufficient, the position will be closed.
This is an investment that must be paid attention to.

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