How to buy BTC in USD


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How to buy BTC in USD? How to buy BTC in fiat currency? This article will introduce you.
First select a BTC exchange that supports fiat currency trading. We prefer Huobi Exchange.
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Why choose Huobi? First look at the introduction of Huobi.
Huobi Exchange Introduction: Founded in 2013, has the world's top security risk control system, a global localized professional operation team, and a reshaped digital asset platform service system. Huobi is currently the world's leading digital asset trading platform. Headquarters are established in Singapore. Huobi Global is committed to developing high-quality digital asset investment opportunities, and providing more than 100 pairs of digital asset product trading and investment services. Committed to providing safe, professional, honest and high-quality services to users worldwide. At present, the business scope of Huobi Global Professional Station covers global digital asset investment users. It has established independent trading operations or operation centers in Singapore, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. Huobi Technology became a Hong Kong listed company in August 2018.

These are the three reasons why everyone chooses. Listed companies have a long history, large size, professional safety, and good service.
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Maybe some people don't agree, then it depends on their needs.
Therefore, the most important thing for newcomers is to buy BTC through fiat currency, that is, fiat currency trading, and buy BTC through USD.

Huobi supports the following purchase methods: support for fiat currency transactions through Credit Card.


And Huobi has established independent transaction business or operation centers in many countries and regions such as the world to make transactions easier and more convenient.
The main registration is to choose fiat currency transactions, which can be operated according to the process. If you have any problems, you can contact customer service to communicate and resolve at any time.

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