How to buy BTC in the USA


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How does the USA buy BTC? Is it legal to buy BTC in the USA?

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The first step is to choose a BTC exchange.Recommended: Huobi BTC Exchange
Many people are still skeptical of BTC, thinking that BTC is a scam, why is it illegal? Some people don't even know what BTC is, but they want to make money through BTC. So, is Bitcoin a new type of virtual currency or is it just a digital scam? Is it legal to buy BTC?


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1. Some people who are not optimistic about Bitcoin think that Bitcoin is completely a bubble. These virtual things have no practical meaning at all. Others who are optimistic about Bitcoin believe that Bitcoin decentralization is a trend that is closely related to the blockchain. Blockchain technology is a very hot technology in the future. To develop the blockchain, we must rely on BTC.

2. Internationally recognized Bitcoin is a specific virtual commodity. Not really money. The biggest difference between Bitcoin and other virtual currencies is that its total number is very limited and it is extremely scarce.

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3. At the same time, there is also a problem. Since Bitcoin is a virtual commodity, the country can only warn of risks, and cannot directly define the nature of trading Bitcoin. So ordinary people have the freedom to participate.

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So how to buy BTC?
The first step is to choose a BTC exchange. BTC exchange recommends: Huobi Exchange

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