How to buy BTC


Huobi registration

BTC as a digital asset. Since July 2010, it has achieved more than 10,000,000% of revenue.
Merrill Lynch: BTC is the Best Investment of the Last 10 Years.
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So how to buy BTC digital assets? Many newbies have this problem again.
Let me introduce you how to buy BTC.

1. The first choice is a BTC exchange.
Huobi Exchange is recommended here. Huobi Exchange: is the world's top three BTC trading platforms. Convenient and secure transactions are especially suitable for novices.
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2. Register via mobile number and email.
After successful registration, fiat currency is converted into digital currency through "fiat currency transaction".
Supports BTC transactions using Visa and Mastercard credit cards.
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3. Buy and sell other digital coins through Huobi platform
Already having digital coins, transactions between digital coins can be conducted through the Huobi platform.

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