How to buy BTC


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BTC as a digital asset. Since July 2010, it has achieved more than 10,000,000% of revenue.
Merrill Lynch: BTC is the Best Investment of the Last 10 Years.

So how to buy BTC digital assets? Many newbies have this problem again.
Let me introduce you how to buy BTC.
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1. The first choice is a BTC exchange.
Huobi Exchange is recommended here. Huobi Exchange: is the world's top three BTC trading platforms. Convenient and secure transactions are especially suitable for novices.
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2. Register via mobile number and email.
After successful registration, fiat currency is converted into digital currency through "fiat currency transaction".
Supports BTC transactions using Visa and Mastercard credit cards.
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3. Buy and sell other digital coins through Huobi platform
Already having digital coins, transactions between digital coins can be conducted through the Huobi platform.

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